Tri-State Elite Resources

Understand placement in a classification is subjective.  This subjective opinion will often differ depending on who you ask. When subjectivity is involved, there likely is no perfect system.  Let’s try and be fair to the best of our ability!

The size of a community or geographic location of a community has NO BEARING on a team’s proper classification or ability. Many great teams have come from small towns, as well as large cities. Just because a team is from a certain area of the state does not make the team a specific classification.

Team Classification level is determined each year based on the team’s ability for this season. We will start the season with three classification (skill) levels.


The Majors classification is for talented and highly skilled select or elite teams that strive to compete against the other outstanding teams at this level in the league


The Minors classification is for above average competitive teams that are prepared for a more competitive level of play.


The Rookies classification is for teams with an average level of talent.