Tri-State Elite Resources

The TSE League is open to all levels of competition. Teams classify themselves based on three levels of play (Major, Minor, Rookie). The most important thing is to be honest with your level of play. When you schedule, you schedule against teams with common skill levels. This will keep the games competitive and fun for the kids. Teams may schedule outside of skill levels as well. The size of a community or geographic location of a community has NO BEARING on a team’s proper classification or ability. Many great teams have come from small towns, as well as large cities. Just because a team is from a certain area of the state does not make the team a specific classification. Team Classification level is determined each year based on the team’s ability for this season.

How do I determine what skill level my team should play in ?

It's up to you as the coach to consider the strong and not-so-strong points of your team. If you are on the fence about which skill level, think about the points that are holding you back. Below is the skill level system we use for our teams and should be used as a guide:


The rookie classification is for teams with an average level of talent. The teams may be newly established or maybe you feel that your team needs more league/tournament experience, a little extra confidence, or a combination of both.


The minors classification is for above average competitive teams that are prepared for a more competitive level of play.  They have been together for a season or two, contain solid experience players with a strong track record in league play and tournament play.


The majors classification is for talented and highly skilled select or elite teams that strive to compete against the other outstanding teams at this level in the league. Your team competes on an above average or superior skill level with confidence and has consistently finished at or near the top in league and tournament play.

If you played a minimum of 10 games in your division and had a winning percentage of 80 percent or higher the previous season, your team will be placed at the next skill classification in your age division (unless they are already at it).