Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of rain we will do everything within our power to make up games and stay as close to the original game schedule as possible. However, there may be circumstances in which we will need to deviate from the printed schedule. If and when this occurs, we will use the following procedures as a guide:

  • Our first priority will always be the safety of each individual at the facility.
  • If inclement weather forces a cancellation of game slots during pool play rounds; we may have to alter the brackets to complete the tournament. If a pool play game can not be played, the team with the higher seed will advance.
  • TSE will not name a champion of the tournament without a championship game.

Suspended Games

Games that do not make it to regulation (3 complete innings for a 6 inning game or 4 complete innings for a 7 inning game) due to weather / darkness will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed (if possible) from the point of suspension at the earliest time available. If there is not time to resume the game, it will be considered a complete game at the end of the last complete inning and the team that is winning at that point will be the winner. For games that do make it through regulation and are called early, the score would have to revert back to the last completed full inning of play, unless the Home was winning or took the lead in the bottom half of the inning when the game was called.

Refund Policy on Cancellations Due to Weather

  • Play No Games - $100 administrative cost is non-refundable.
  • Play 1 Game - Receive a 50% refund.
  • Play More Than 1 Game – No refund.

Note: Once a game starts it will count as a game played, regardless of its length.

Policy on Cancellations that are Non-Weather Related

Coaches must understand the issues that are created when a team registers for a tournament and then does not participate. These issues have a negative impact on the other organizations that have committed to play and potentially keeps other teams from registering as you have taken their spot.

We do realize that circumstances beyond one's control can occur from time to time and cannot always be foreseen ahead of time. Therefore, we have instituted the following cancellation guidelines.

  • Teams that cancel their tournament registration within 2 weeks of the start of the tournament will be refunded their fees minus $250.00 or get a credit towards a future TSE tournament.
  • Teams that cancel their tournament registration later than 2 weeks from the start of the tournament will refunded their fees minus $100.00 or get a credit towards a future TSE tournament.
  • Teams that cancel after the schedule has been released are not eligible to receive a refund.
  • Cancellation notification should be provided by the initial registrant in written form (e-mail, fax or letter).
  • Not being present at the beginning of the tournament is not considered a cancellation; it is considered as a "no-show" and therefore no refund will be issued.

Insurance Requirement

Each team is required to carry its own insurance and submit a certificate of insurance to TSE Baseball prior to the beginning of the tournament. The certificate must have TSE Baseball listed as the certificate holder:

Time Limit

There will be a two hour time limit for all age divisions. No new inning may start after the time limit elapses; however, TSE reserves the right to put in a drop dead time limit during pool play games based on how many teams have entered the tournament to ensure all pool play games are completed by Saturday night The time begins from the time of the first warm-up pitch of the game to the last out of an inning. Games can go into extra innings as long as the time limit has not expired. Pool play games can end in a tie.

If we do play with a drop dead time limit, the game will end at the designated time and the result will be the score regardless of where we are in the game. We will not revert back to any previous full inning. Intentionally delaying a game is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated.

Coin Flips

There will be NO coin flips to decide home team. This has been predetermined. All teams will be home for at least one game. In the semi final and championship rounds, the higher seeded team will be the home team. The home team is listed last in the game schedule and should occupy the 1st base dugout.

Official Scorebook

The home team will keep the official scorebook. The visiting team should check with the home team after each inning to ensure the accuracy in the score.

Playing Rules

The interpretation of playing rules shall be that as defined by the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs (Official Baseball Rules), with the exception of the following special league rules:

Age Cutoff Date

April 30th

Bat Rule (2011)

Wooden and aluminum bats are both permitted.

Bat Size:

  • 10U and Below: 2 ¼” barrel (No big barrel bats permitted)
  • 11U and 12U: 2 5/8” barrel
  • 13U: 2 5/8” barrel (Drop can not be higher than a –9)
  • 14U: 2 5/8” barrel (-5 drop)
  • 15U and Above: 2 5/8” barrel (-3 drop) and BBCOR standards.

Tampering with bats is strictly prohibited. If a bat is tampered with or an illegal bat is used, the result will be a dead ball out if a batted ball was put in play and the batter advanced to any base.

In the fall, players may use the same bat size as they did during the spring/summer season.

2018 TSE BAT RULES - Effective January 1, 2018

Beginning on January 1, 2018, TSE will be adopting the USA Bat standard for League and TSE tournament play. The new standard will not have a drop-weight limit for ages 14 and below.

Bat Size:

  • 12U and Below: USA Baseball Marking -  2 5/8” barrel No BBCOR Bats
  • 13U and 14U: USA Baseball Marking or BBCOR .50 -  2 5/8” Barrel
  • 15U and Above: All Bats Must Be BBCOR .50. No Greater Than -3

Slide Rule

If a defensive player is in possession of the ball, the base runner must slide or veer in order to avoid a collision. If a defensive player does not have possession of the ball, he may not block or obstruct the base runner, and must avoid a collision if possible. Any contact or collision deemed by the umpire to be intentional and avoidable shall be cause for ejection from the game of the offending player.

Stealing (9U and 10U)

A player may steal at the time the ball crosses the plate. The ruling will be an immediate dead ball if the runner leaves too soon. The first time will be a team warning, and the second time the runner will be ruled out.


Teams will have the discretion to select one of the following options that must be declared prior to the start of the game. Further, this option must be utilized for the entire game.

  • Bat the entire lineup
  • Bat nine
  • Bat ten, utilizing an Extra Player (EP). You may only use one EP.
  • If you are batter the order, there is NO out taken if a player must leave the game providing the lineup does not go below nine players.

A team may start with no fewer than eight players. If a team starts with eight, any additional player(s) that shows up shall be placed at the bottom of the batting order. In playoff and tournament play, the ninth position shall be deemed an out.

For tournaments and playoffs, only players listed on the scorecard at the beginning of the game are participants. Players added after the game has started (or resumed in the event of a continuation due to rain or darkness) will not be considered to be on the roster for that game, and this may not participate in that game.

Designated Hitter (DH)

We will use a designated hitter for age divisions 15 and older for the pitcher only.

Defensive Substitutions

The ability to use defensive substitutions will be based on the lineup option that was selected.

  • Bat entire lineup - Unlimited defensive substitutions.
  • Bat nine - Must following official playing rules; however, starters may re-enter (once). Further, once a sub has been removed, he may not re-enter with the exception of injury.
  • Bat ten using an EP - Same rules as playing nine apply; however, the substitution rules apply to the ten players in the starting lineup. 

Courtesy Runner

Speed up rule - Mandatory for the catcher with two outs. The runner will either be the last recorded out (if batting the lineup) or any player on the bench who is not currently in the game (batting nine or using an EP). You may also use a runner for the pitcher with two outs. This is optional. The same rule applies in the selection of the courtesy runner. The catcher will be defined as the player who will be playing that position the upcoming inning, not the inning of record.


Balks do not apply to age divisions under 11U. We will issue one warning per pitcher per game at 11U and 12U. A balk warning is a dead ball. There will be no warning at ages 13U and above.

Protest Opportunities

There will be no formal protests permitted to the League. All decisions will be determined on the field by the umpires. If necessary, TSE will determine a ruling on a book rule question. There are no protests on judgment calls.


We will play tournament baseball rules for pitching using a rolling consecutive number of innings - six innings for ages under 12U and seven innings for ages 13U and above. For example (under 12U), if a pitcher throws three innings in game one, he is eligible for three innings in game two. If he only throws two innings in game two, he is eligible for four innings in game three, etc.

There will be NO re-entry of a pitcher at any time during the game.

If a pitcher extends beyond the pitching requirements, the rule basically states he is an illegal player and thus creates a forfeit; however, rather than a coach wait until a pitcher has become illegal, the opposing coach must immediately bring it to the attention of the other team and have the pitcher removed at that point. Unless three outs have been recorded, the inning will be restarted with no outs.  

Roster Size

Limit to participate in Tournament Play: 15

Intentional Walk

Speed up rule – The pitcher or manager may inform the umpire their intention to walk the batter to first base.


Innings – 12U and Below: 6 innings; 13U and Above: 7 innings

Field Dimensions

  • 10U and Below: 46/60
  • 11U and 12U: 50/70
  • 13U and Above: 60/90

Code of Conduct/Sportsmanship

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for disrespect to each other, umpires, guests and staff on and off the field. We expect EVERYONE that attends TSE Tournaments to handle themselves in a manner that displays good sportsmanship and set a good example for every ball player and participating team. We will not tolerate coaches, players or fans acting out or displaying what we consider unsportsmanlike conduct.  Any coach ejected from a game will not be permitted to coach for the remainder of the tournament. Further, they will not be permitted on the field at any point thereafter and must remain away from the dugout in the outfield or down the outfield lines.

Mercy Rule - A mercy rule will be imposed:

  • 12U and Below: 15 runs after three innings, 10 runs after four innings and 8 runs after five innings
  • 13U and Above: 15 runs after four innings, 10 runs after five innings and 8 runs after six innings

Catcher’s Equipment

Catcher’s helmet gear must provide ear protection. As a result, no skull caps are permitted.

Tie Breakers (Determine Seeds)

  1. Best Record (based on points)
  2. Head to Head (only if two teams)
  3. Fewest Runs Allowed
  4. Net Run Differential
  5. Number of Shutouts
  6. Coin Flip

To determine best record, we will award points as follows:

  • Win – Two points
  • Tie – One point

When there are more than two teams tied, we will not look at Head to Head as a tie breaker, instead we will move to the next criteria, Fewest Runs Allowed. At no point will we reset the tie breaker as teams are seeded or eliminated. The tournament committee has the final say on tie breakers on any misunderstandings. The best advice is that if there is a question that it gets resolved before a game starts that may impact the tie breaker formula.


Coaches are required to have on hand – insurance, team rosters and player date of birth support. They will not be collected by TSE; however, if a player is challenged, the coach must have support for that player. A challenge may only be performed before the first pitch is thrown for that game. A challenge will not be reviewed at any other time ( ie, during the game or after the game). If the coach does not have support or is ruled ineligible, the tournament director will make a final ruling on his eligibility, as well as the results of previously played games and future games.

Fake Bunt/Slash Bunt (Ages 7U through 12U)

A batter is out for illegal action when the player fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing, thus eliminating a player from fake bunting (slap-hitting) the ball.  Penalty:  Batter is out, the ball is dead, no runners may advance.

Official Start Time

The official start time will begin when the catcher throws the ball down to second base after the completion of the starting pitcher’s warm up tosses.