TSE and MLB rules apply. There are NO home team rules that override the playing rules.

Field Dimensions - 46/60

Innings - Six inning games (or two hour time limit)

Continuous Batter Order

  • You must bat the entire lineup.
  • Three outs or maximum four runs per inning. No runs beyond four will be scored unless a home run over the fence. In that situation, all runs scored will count. There will be unlimited runs in the designated last inning which must be determined by both coaches/umpire before a new inning can start. (In playoff and tournament play, it will only be the 6th inning.)
  • Should a player become injured, sick, etc., an automatic out shall not be recorded, even if the batting order becomes less than nine players. If during a playoff or tournament game, it will be recorded as an out if less than nine players..
  • Once a player is removed from the batter order, he may not re-enter the game.


  • Free defensive substitutions are allowed.
  • Infield fly rule is not in effect.
  • Three outfielders.


  • Maximum five steal attempts per inning.
  • No straight steals permitted.
  • Runners may advance to 2nd and 3rd on a clear passed ball. (Beyond backstop end post to end post.).
  • Runners may not steal home. Runners may not score on a passed ball or wild pitch.
  • If runners are on first and third, and a play is made at second base on a steal, the runner from third may not advance.
  • If a play is made on a runner stealing third on a wild pitch, the runner may not advance to home.


  • Is allowed.
  • Fake bunting is prohibited.
  • If a batter fakes a bunt and pulls back and swings at the pitch, the batter will be called out.
  • Jiggling the bat around, offering to bunt and pulling back on every pitch will result in the batter being called out.

Play Declared Dead

  • The defense stops the runner.
  • The lead runner stops (all following runners are considered stopped).
  • The runner does not make an effort to advance.
  • Once a runner turns back to his original base, he can not advance; however, lead runners may continue to the base they are headed for when a defensive play is being made.
  • With bases loaded, there cannot be a pickoff attempt of a runner at first base.


  • Overthrows will not count as steal attempts.
  • All runners may advance if a pitcher, catcher or any other fielder makes a play at a base that results in an overthrow (with the exception of third base by a catcher and when the bases are loaded and a play at first or second base after the pitch has been made).
  • A “bad” throw from the catcher to the pitcher will not be deemed an overthrow.


  • Two innings per game. Ten innings for playoffs and tournaments.
  • One pitch equals one inning pitched.
  • A pitcher may not re-enter the game as a pitcher once removed.

Courtesy Runner

  • Speed up rule - Mandatory for the catcher (next inning) with two outs and optional for the pitcher. The runner will be the last recorded out