February 26, 2017

Registration Reminder
Registration for age divisions 8U through 14U should be completed by March 4, 7U should be completed by April 8 and 15/16U and 17/18U should be completed by April 22.

Teams registered to date are included in the website under the League Info/Standings page.

Coaches Listing Distribution (Age Divisions 8U – 14U)
The Coaches Listing will be sent out electronically on March 11 at 11:00am. At that time, coaches can begin scheduling for the 2017 season. The season begins when your team is ready to take the field. The end date for the playoffs is June 25, though teams may extend their schedule beyond that date. Playoff info will be communicated by age division in an update that will go out next weekend.


Please do not do any scheduling until the coaches listing comes out late. Coaches that do pre-schedule will be left off the list when it goes out on the scheduling date.

TSE Store – Baseballs for Sale
If you are interested in purchasing baseballs, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request. We have baseballs on hand and will coordinate delivery of them to you. The pre-season cost is $36/dozen.